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Performance comparison:

By default,when we animate a large number of skinned mesh at the same time in screen,the frame rate is very low and the preformance is very bad.

By using this GPU Animation Baker Basic package,you can play a large number animation at the same time on screen,with great performance and better frame rate.


  • 1.By using compute shader,we sample the animaion data for corresponding model to textures,then use the customized shader to read the animation data from these texture in rendering stage.

  • 2.In the GPU Animation basic package,we customized the Standard (Metallic Setup) shader,the Standard(Specular Setup) Shader,and the Simple Shader.These customized shaders could get the animation data from the baked animation texture.

  • 3.Shadow effect support

  • 4.GPU instancing support.

  • 5.Crowd generator support.

  • 6.There are three demo scenes in this package:the audience cheer demo,the bird fly demo,and the whale swim demo.

  • 7.Full Source Code Support.

  • 8.Only support DX10 (shader model 4.0) and GLCore / OpenGL ES 3 or Above.

  • 9.The basic version can only bake the genetic or legcy animaion,not support the type of Humanoid animation.

  • So if you want to bake all types of skeleton animation,including the Legacy, the Generic, and the Humanoid,please buy the pro version.

  • What’s more,use the pro version,the baked gpu animation can run on mobile device.

  • The pro version link is here:
    GPU Animation Pro or GPU Animation Pro

Online Documents:

GPU Animation Baker Basic Manual

Support Unity Versions

5.6.6 or higher


You can download this asset from Unity Asset Store:GPU Animation Baker Basic

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