Fighter HUD System – Developed In Unity3D

The Fighter HUD System is suitable for developing flight simulation games when you use Unity3D Engine.


  • It is very easy to use in your own project,just need a few steps:

    1.drag and drop the HUD Canvas prefab to your scene. a reference to the transform of your fighter. a reference to the Main Camera.

  • The Fighter HUD System by using a Transform reference, automatically calculates and shows current Speed, Altitude, Heading, Pitch Ladder,Horizon Line,and so on.

  • You can use the keyboard to control its flight and test the HUD system.

  • The custom editor has been carefully designed. Its appearance is neat and friendly.

  • In this package,there is a demo scene contains a F22 fighter, which have the following script system attach to it:

    -The Fighter Center Control System.
    -The Fighter Hardware Input Sysyem.
    -The Fighter Simple Flight System.
    -The Fighter Animation System

  • Detailed documentation

Online Documents:

Fighter HUD System Manual

Support Unity Versions

5.6.6 or higher


You can download this asset from Unity Asset Store: Fighter HUD System

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