Queen Of Fighters Game Introduction

The Description Of The Queen Of Fighters


The Queen Of Fighters is a beautiful fighting game with 10 cute and beautiful girls.

You can choose one of several different types of girls to defeat all the others when you choose story mode.

Game features:

1.Simple and easy to operate,super cool fighting experience.

2.Even novice players in this fighting games will be able to release various Special Moves

after reading the tutorial interface about Special Moves.


Player VS AI Mode: Combat with AI.

AI VS AI Mode: Watch and learn.

Training Mode: Practice your combat skills.

Story Mode: Defeat all girls in turn,and you will be the queen of fighters.

Store: You will unlock and get a more beautiful look for each girl.

The Queen Of Fighters On Google Play Store:

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The Source Code And Project:

This game is developed with Unity3D Engine.

If you want to buy this game project and the source code,please contact me by email: [email protected]